Welcome to RackTrip – A Toronto Car Racks Store

Proud as a home business in Mississauga, Ontario, opening between each day from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm and most “short weekend” [ Not Long Weekend] by appointment, we are offering high-quality car rack related products with the lowest price in the GTA area.

We have universal car top racks, crossbars, snowboard racks, car top tents, kayak racks, bike rack, cargo boxes, even now folding boat etc.

Customers are encouraged to try the product before the purchase.  Simply text to 647-875-6171 or send an email to sales@racktrip.com. All prices are tax included in cash.   Installation included with 6 months repair else exchange Warranty.

Do not know which rack to choose from?  please click here to find out the rack for your car.