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2009-2014 Toyota Matrix Fixed Mounting Points Roof Rack

1 thought on “2009-2014 Toyota Matrix Fixed Mounting Points Roof Rack

  1. Hello Paul,
    I have a 2010 toyota matrix with fixed attaching points on my roof rain gutter, on each attaching points they have 2 bolts each, now with the pics you have in your website showing the same toyota matrix you did not show where it attaches. IS IT ON BOTH BOLT HOLES OR ONLY ONE BOLT HOLE? because as i see on your pics it seems to be attach using only one silver bolt as seen protruding out of the roof rack attaching point. I hope you understand what i am trying to ask. hoping i can get answers for this, as i am looking for fair price, quality and durable roof rack for my toyota matrix. Thanks and have a safe day to you.

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